Our Founder & The Brand

Our Founder & Chief Curator

Hi! I’m Lindsey. Native Texan, mom of two fur babies (Huxley and Haley), lover of wine, traveling and every meal that includes queso. Since graduating from The University of Texas (Hook Em’), I spent almost a decade in event planning, business development, operations and most recently internal corporate events. Until now, Adventure 42 has been a passion project of mine sending out boxes for friends and family when loved ones got engaged. Well, now its out there and I am excited to share it with you! Over time, the scope expanded from weddings to all of life’s first adventures – your new home, your first baby, adopting a pup, etc. 

My husband, David, has always been my biggest fan and has been encouraging me to launch since we started dating in 2014. He’s a Realtor here in Austin so I’ve already had my creative juices flowing with housewarming gift ideas and am looking forward to launching that collection next. 

My goal with Adventure 42 when I had the idea 9 years ago was to make the wedding planning process as enjoyable as possible by providing access to realistic information and encourage a healthy planning process. Planning my own destination wedding, I experienced the rollercoaster of emotion first-hand and I aim to shift the mindset from wedding planning always being stressful to anyone can do it and stay sane 🙂 

Photography Credit: Lacey Seymour Photography

The Adventure 42 Collection Brand

Adventure 42 Collection was born after Lindsey spent several years planning weddings and realized that 90% of her job was educating clients and setting realistic (sometimes bummer-inducing) expectations. The main motivation was to give the gift of demystifying some of those tough event elements earlier on in the planning process to encourage a more enjoyable planning process (and of course, some beautiful tangible gifts to go with it). 

Why 42? Some may say the answer to life, the universe and everything. Others, that the Angel number 42 represents the symbol of the pursuit for passion in life. The truth is, the number 42 became a symbol that my husband and I would see often and started to feel a connection with. So much so that we got married on January, 1st 2020 because in a clever way it adds up to 42 (1+1+2020). Life is full of adventures and the Adventure 42 goal is to celebrate those! 

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